School Mental Health: Childhood-Trauma Learning Collaborative

School Mental Health: Childhood-Trauma Learning Collaborative


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Educators are often the first line of support in addressing mental health needs for students. They recognize the impact mental health has on learning and achievement. The Childhood-Trauma Learning Collaborative (C-TLC) is the learning community of the New England MHTTC’s School Mental Health Initiative. Our mission is to enhance school culture and prepare professionals in education and mental health to improve and support the mental health and resiliency of school-aged children in the New England region, particularly those who have/are at-risk of experiencing trauma.

Through the C-TLC, public and private Pre-K-12 schools in New England gain access to evidence-based mental health resources to enhance their awareness of childhood trauma and related neurobiological implications. Our training and technical assistance supports focus on the benefits of mindfulness practices for youth, as well as ways to strengthen, value, and increase social emotional competence, accelerate learning, and develop a sense of well-being for students, teachers, and the wider school community.


School Mental Health & Current Events


During Pride Month and throughout the year, educators can take steps to support the mental health and well-being of youth in the LGBTQ+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning, Gender Fluid/Nonbinary, and Other Identities) community. Cultivating safe environments where students feel comfortable opening up to caring and supportive adults is an important protective factor for young queer folx. Ensure that bullying prevention programs include lessons and activities around LGBTQ+ issues, with particular attention on the experiences of LGBTQ+ youth of color. Create spaces and time for members of the LGBTQ+ community and their allies to come together for conversation, support, and actions to make schools more equitable and inclusive. 


Share these resources with staff members, parents, and students to support LGBTQ+ students this month and throughout their academic careers:




Our Program: Working Together to Address Trauma


Fellowship Opportunities

The C-TLC is supported by a diverse group of 25 educational leaders and mental health professionals who disseminate trauma-skilled, child centered resources that improve resilience, learning, and achievement for children who have experienced/are at risk of experiencing trauma. As local ambassadors, C-TLC Fellows help school staff to vision, plan, and monitor implementation of compassionate practices.
Note: Fellowship recruitment is closed for the 2020-2021 school year. Stay posted for opportunities to apply to our program in August 2021.


Products and Resources

C-TLC resources include webinars, book study opportunities, and curated articles and learning resources, as well as a members-only community of practice where members connect virtually across organizations, districts, and states to share knowledge and experience. To view our resources, click here


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Compassion Action

Our bimonthly newsletter, shares best practices for cultivating compassionate school communities that support positive well-being and mental health. View our archive and subscribe here.


Training Highlights

Is your school trauma-skilled? Are you/your colleagues looking for mental health resources to better support your students? Join our complimentary online events designed to strengthen mental health supports that address the needs of children who have experienced/are at risk of experiencing significant trauma. View our archived trainings in the New England MHTTC Resources and Products Catalog.


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C-TLC Webinar: A Districtwide Approach to Coordinating Mindfulness Implementation

Equity for All Students

Five Mindful Habits to Increase Happiness and Connection

Back to School After COVID-19: Open with Optimism and Connection









Resource Highlights

The C-TLC publishes and disseminates learning resources—issue briefs, fact sheets, reports, and toolkits—that examine current topics and concerns related to children’s mental health and trauma-informed compassionate school practices.

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Back to School After COVID-19: Supporting Student and Staff Mental Health Toolkit

Seasonal Affective Disorder: Responding to the Winter Blues in the Classroom

Stress, School, and Self-care Issue Brief

2019-2020 Survey of Childhood-Trauma Learning Collaborative (C-TLC) Fellows














School Compassionate Culture Analytical Tool for Educators (S-CCATE)

Our social-emotional learning tool helps educators to vision, plan, and monitor progress toward the implementation of compassionate, trauma-skilled practices in classrooms. The tool, a brief, validated assessment to be completed by teachers and other school personnel, is uniquely designed to guide teams of educators and whole school communities through the process of transformational change. Learn more about the C-TLC’s School Culture Assessment Tool.


Join the C-TLC

Through the C-TLC, educators and behavioral health professionals working with youth in schools and/or agencies or nonprofit organizations gain access to evidence-based mental health resources to enhance their awareness of childhood trauma and related neurobiological implications. Review and complete our C-TLC Membership Application. Return your completed form to our Education Coordinator Dana Asby (; 800-994-6441)