Coordinated Specialty Care for Early Psychosis Series

CSC Basics

Are you new to working with individuals with early psychosis? Are you interested in learning more about what early psychosis coordinated speciality care is all about?

Coordinated specialty care (CSC) for early psychosis is an evidence-based treatment model aimed at fostering resilience and recovery for individuals who have experienced a first episode of psychosis or are at clinical high risk for developing psychosis. Each webinar is co-presented by a professional with expertise in that component of care as well as an individual with lived experience who can speak to how this aspect of care was meaningful in their journey towards recovery. This series is geared toward individuals new to working on an Early Psychosis Specialty Team – including students, clinicians, prescribers, supported employment specialists, family clinicians, and peer specialists.

Basics of Coordinated Specialty Care for Early Psychosis

Content from these webinars was put in an online course aimed at helping to provide a basic orientation to new staff and trainees that are beginning to work in a coordinated specialty program for individuals experiencing early psychosis. This 5-hour, asynchronous course is a free, self-paced, basic orientation to the components of coordinated specialty care for early psychosis. It is appropriate for new staff working on an early psychosis team or anyone interested in learning more about this topic. Each course module is co-presented by individuals with professional and lived experience. Topics cover: introduction to psychosis, culturally responsive coordinated specialty care, peer support services, individual therapy, medication management, family psychoeducation and support, and supported education and employment. Learn more and access the course.

Coordinated Speciality Care Basics

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For more information, visit the MHTTC Early Psychosis page.

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