Classroom WISE: Overview and Implementation Support Planning for School Mental Health Leaders SESSION 3

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Classroom WISE is a free, 6-hour mental health literacy online course for teachers and school staff with brief, high-impact training videos and accompanying website ( This course was developed with input from educators, students, and school mental health leaders, co-developed by the National Center for School Mental Health and the SAMHSA-funded Mental Health Technology Center Network. During this learning session Dr. Nancy Level provided an overview of Classroom WISE Module 3: Fostering Social Emotional Competencies and Well-Being. Dr. Lever also lead discussion around how these modules align with existing initiatives and supports and explored effective approaches to roll out the Classroom Wise in local schools. There are three additional sessions this summer to support Classroom WISE implementation in the Southeast, register for upcoming sessions here!


Session 2 Learning Objectives:
1. Increase understanding of Classroom WISE Module 3 structure and content.
2. Increase understanding of best practices to effectively support Classroom WISE adoption and implementation in local school systems.
3. Promote cross-state networking and shared learning about best practices in school mental health system implementation of school staff training materials.

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