Decision Points in Your Agency: What to Consider When Working with Youth Peers

Photo of Four Young Adults, Sitting on a Pier -Photo by Sammie Vasquez

This webinar focuses on important points to consider when hiring or contracting with youth peer support specialists. This includes the pros and cons of partnering with an outside agency, conducting internal hires, considering full or part-time positions, recommended policies and procedures, etc. The webinar is hosted by Maria Hermsen-Kritz and Caitlin Baird, two experienced youth peer support specialists and supervisors.



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picture of Caitlin BairdCaitlin Baird

Caitlin Baird is a Project Manager and Trainer with Pathways RTC at Portland State University. Caitlin has experience working directly with transition-aged youth and young adults as a peer support specialist and as a supervisor for peer support specialists in wraparound and other mental health settings.


picture of Maria Hermsen-KritzMaria Hermsen-Kritz

Maria Hermsen-Kritz is a Research Assistant with Pathways RTC at Portland State University. She has experience providing peer support for transition-aged youth,supervising youth peer support specialists,and managing a youth drop-in center program.




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