Depression and Suicide: Mental Health Tools for Providers Working with College-aged Youth


More college students than ever before are reporting receiving therapy or counseling. 

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Event Description

A recent study conducted by Healthy Minds Study confirms what many providers working with young adults and college-aged youth already know,  
rates of anxiety, depression, and risk of suicide are at all-time highs.  The report also indicates that more college students than ever before report receiving therapy or counseling. 

The report from the annual Healthy Minds Study is based on web surveys taken by 96,000 U.S. students across 133 campuses in the 2021-22 academic year. It found that 44% of students reported symptoms of depression, 37% reported anxiety disorders and 15% reported having seriously considered suicide in the past year—the highest recorded rates in the history of the 15-year-old survey. 
How can you help someone with low mood and distress?  We dedicate this hour workshop to taking a deeper look at depression and suicide, including what depression is and how it is linked to suicide, how to recognize signs and symptoms of depression, the myths and stigma, and gauging risk of suicide in clients. The second half of the workshop is dedicated to how to provide support for these clients, including a few experiential exercises to use with clients with depression, and the creation of a safety plan that can be used with a client at risk for suicide.  


Christina Ruggiero, RP

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