Interactive Data Map: Mental Health Workforce Shortages

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Region IV is the largest HHS region, comprised of eight states and approximately one-quarter of the U.S. population. These states have large rural populations, high poverty rates, and face racial and cultural disparities in care. In addition the Southeast states have considerable clinical, geographic, workforce, and health system differences and often score below the median on state rankings for a variety of mental health outcomes.  These factors are important considerations when planning mental health care and support services; however, understanding the interplay of these influences can be challenging.  The Southeast MHTTC Data Visualization Project demonstrates the potential ways these factors intersect as well as areas where measures could be taken to remove barriers and improve mental health. Many counties in Region IV are doubly disadvantaged with a high degree of mental health burden co-exiting with mental health provider shortages. These counties should be a high priority in efforts to expand the mental health workforce in the Southeast. 


Potential Impact of Workforce Shortages on Mental Health Care

Relevant Factors: Availability of mental health professionals and mental health outcomes (i.e., rates of suicide, mental health distress).

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map of provider shortage areas in Southeast


June 13, 2022
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