Mental Health Issues Among Older Hispanic and Latino Adults in the United States

Mental Health Issues among Older Hispanic and Latino Adults in the United States is a fact sheet based on the webinar; Older Latinos in the U.S.: Mental Health Issues provided by Bernardo Ng, MD. Latino older adults are considered heterogenic and are underrepresented in research, posing challenges for practitioners. Some of the most prevalent mental health disorders among older Latinos include depression, neurocognitive disorders due to Alzheimer´s disease, and other neurocognitive disorders. Mental health clinicians serving older Latinos should consider the use of translators, interpreters, or having access to Spanish-speaking professionals for monolingual clients. Also, they can increase health literacy by creating and disseminating educational materials in Spanish or other dialects. Clinicians interested in offering services to Latinos should assess their own level of cultural responsiveness regarding Hispanic and Latino cultures.

Spanish Version

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