November GSVLI: Are You The Therapist A Grieving Client Wants To Meet? PART TWO: Let's Do This!

Are You the Therapist a Grieving Client Wants to Meet?

Jill Johnson-Young, LCSW LEARNING TRACK: Evidence-Based & Culturally Defined Practices Session

Description: The research about grief responses by those served by hospice at the end of a loved one’s life is pretty clear survivors, particularly the primary survivor, aren’t open to support from that resource for grief if their attempts to voice emotional needs were met with medical solutions during the dying process. Those who felt they were not well prepared for a death are even less open to hospice-based grief services. Survivors who are questioning their faith following the death of a loved one are not best served by a faith-based group or provider- it’s just not a good fit in that moment. As a therapist who are you likely to refer to as a source of grief support? The vast majority of programs belong to one of those two groups. That leaves us, the clinicians, to do this right. To know which survivors do best, who is most at risk, and in COVID, how previous survivors of mass losses found resilience and recovery. We have the research. Why do we keep going back to five stages? How do you meet your grief client in the room, speak their language, not say the wrong thing, and create an environment with words and space to promote healing?

Jill Johnson YoungSpeaker Bio: Jill Johnson-Young is a dynamic and engaging local, national, and international speaker who loves teaching both professional and community groups about dementia, death and dying, and grief and loss. She co-owns Central Counseling Services in Riverside, California, where she is also a clinical therapist and practices as a certified Grief Recovery Facilitator. Jill has authored three children’s grief books and an adult grief workbook with more in process, and created, a year-long, comprehensive grief support program.

She also has a website with resources for therapists,, which includes resources for therapists.


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November 30, 2020
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