Slide Deck: Iowa Perspectives on Permanent Supportive Housing

This webinar will feature a series of Permanent Supportive Housing stakeholders from across Iowa who will share their unique perspectives on this evidence-based practice and discuss the road forward. Each of these six perspectives yields new insights into the model, how it is funded, and how services are provided. This webinar will highlight the feasibility of implementing Permanent Supportive Housing and the importance of a broad coalition of stakeholders. Content will be rooted heavily in the Permanent Supportive Housing context in Iowa, but all are welcome to attend.


Learning objectives:

  • Introduce the Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) model through a variety of stakeholders from Iowa
  • Describe the need for a broad coalition to implement PSH
  • Describe existing funding structures for PSH



Marissa EyansonMarissa Eyanson serves as the Division Administrator of Community Mental Health and Disability Services (MHDS) for the Iowa Department of Human Services (DHS). In this role, she leads teams responsible for coordinating and assuring that all Iowans have access to high quality services and supports across the full spectrum of mental health and disability related needs. Marissa is a life-long small-town Iowan and graduate of Iowa State University. Her background and experience bring a unique ability to pivot perspectives from provider to payer to regulator. Marissa’s first job was as a direct support professional in an Intermediate Care Facility for Individuals with Intellectual Disability (ICF/ID), and she has dedicated her career to working in the mental health and disability services field in Iowa.

Karen HyattKaren Hyatt is the Emergency Mental Health Specialist for the Division of Community Mental Health and Disability Services within the Department of Human Services and serves as the Disaster Behavioral Health Coordinator for the state. She has work emphasis in crisis stabilization services, peer support and the Office of Consumer Affairs.


Courtney GuntlyCourtney Guntly is the Iowa Balance of State Continuum of Care Director. In this role, she supports HUD-funded housing programs in their efforts to end homelessness across Iowa’s 96 counties making up the Balance of State, all while working strategically with partners to achieve this vision. Courtney holds a Master of Social Work from Washington University in St. Louis and a bachelor’s degree in social work from Luther College.


Cynthia LatchamCynthia Latcham is the Executive Director at Anawim Housing, a nonprofit that focuses on implementing permanent supportive housing programs using evidence-based principles of housing first, harm reduction, and trauma-informed care. The programs and services offered through Anawim Housing have existed for over 20 years, with Cynthia leading the team since 2017.


Terri RosonkeTerri Rosonke is the Housing Programs Manager within the Iowa Finance Authority’s Housing Programs Division. She is responsible for managing the State Housing Trust Fund and leads the agency’s Olmstead compliance, permanent supportive housing, and disaster recovery initiatives.


Maria WalkerMaria Walker is the Program Planner for Polk County Health Services. She supports, plans, implements and oversees contract management for employment and day services. She provides staff support for the Polk Regional Adult Advisory Committee and leads provider relations and provider contracting. Walker came to PCHS in August 1998 from Systems Unlimited, a provider agency in Iowa City and was the Employment Director. She has a Bachelor of Science in Rehabilitation Administration from Drake University.

Permanent Supportive Housing: A Webinar Series


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