Take HEART Community of Practice-Compassionate School Practices: Vision, Plan, and Monitor for Success

January 12, 2023

Is your school prepared to care for all of the students, staff, and families in your community? Educators are often the first line of support in addressing mental health needs for students. They recognize the impact mental health has on learning and achievement.

Ready your school community to weather stress, trauma, and promote well-being for your entire school population. In this session, school staff:


  • Learned how to implement the Compassionate School Mental Health model being used to enhance services to schools and districts in the New England Mental Health Technology Transfer Center's Childhood Trauma-Learning Collaborative.
  • Gained an understanding of how a compassionate school mental health support system can help schools create systems, policies, and protocols to prevent, address, and recover from tragedies and crises including staff or student suicide, school violence, natural disasters, and global pandemics.


Watch a recording of this 1/12/23 session. Access "6 Steps to Guide Your Mental Health Literacy Action Plan."

February 2, 2023
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