The heART of Reflective Supervision: Attunement, Reflection, and Togetherness

The HeART of Reflective Supervision: Attunement, Reflection, and Togetherness

The South Southwest MHTTC and the Texas Institute for Excellence in Mental Health hosted a webinar on Reflective Supervision, specifically designed for newcomers or those with up to three years of experience. The webinar is focused on early childhood mental and behavioral health providers in HHS Region VI states: Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas. Nat Vikitsreth, a nationally recognized decolonized therapist, trans rights activist, and podcast host, was the honored speaker and trainer. The webinar is meant to help early childhood providers understand Reflective Supervision's importance for growth, connection, and effective care.

About the Facilitator

Headshot of Nat Vikitsreth

Nat Vikitsreth, LCSW

Nat Vikitsreth, LCSW (she/her) works as a nationally award-winning decolonized therapist and facilitator, a trans rights activist, and host of the Come Back to Care Podcast. She founded Come Back to Care to help anyone who loves and raises children to heal as they get free. 

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