The Mental Health Aspects of Long COVID

**April's Workshop Wednesday was held on a Monday (4/18/22) due to schedule availability on behalf of the trainer.** 

Event Description

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The stress brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on almost everyone; it has been particularly challenging for people who have battled COVID, and now have lingering symptoms,  
a condition is known as long COVID.  


While we do not currently fully understand the nature or impact of long COVID, initial research has been able to identify nine core symptoms of long COVID that include both physical and mental symptoms. The nine core symptoms are: breathing difficulties, fatigue, chest/throat pain, headache; abdominal symptoms, muscle pain; other pain; cognitive symptoms (notably, “brain fog”), and anxiety/depression.   


Join Dr. Andrew McLean for training on this timely issue. Topics covered will include an overview of the current situation, what researchers and leading mental health professionals are reporting from the field, and suggestions for successful strategies that have helped individuals and communities deal with the mental health aspects of long-COVID.


Dr. Andrew McLean, MD, MPH











Technical Trainer, Mountain Plains Mental Health Technology Transfer Center Clinical Professor and Chair, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Science University of North Dakota School of Medicine & Health Sciences  

Dr. McLean is also a hospital surveyor for The Joint Commission. He previously was the Medical Director of the ND Department of Human Services. Dr. McLean has served on a number of clinical, administrative, and regulatory boards including medical licensing and professional health programs. He has lectured internationally on pertinent behavioral and public health issues. Dr. McLean has a particular interest in individual and community resilience and collaborative care.  

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