The Why, What, and How: Addressing the Social Determinants of Mental Health in the Pacific Southwest Region

We invite you to join us for this webinar, which provides foundational knowledge on what are the social determinants of health, why they should be assessed, and how mental health service providers can leverage them for better outcomes. Hear how providers throughout the Pacific Southwest region are addressing the social determinants of health through broad initiatives, service assessments, and strategic partnerships. Journey with us as you gain an understanding of how to identify appropriate partners and collaborate with them on the shared interest of achieving mental health equity. There are many tools and resources highlighted to support your local efforts, as well as ample opportunity to ask questions.


  • Recognize the connection between the social determinants of health and improved mental health outcomes.
  • Access tools and resources to support appropriate assessment.
  • Explore strategic thinking for community mental health partnerships.
  • Learn what kinds of questions and data will lead them to these partnerships, and how to evaluate the opportunities that exist within them.
  • Establish a framework for incorporating the social determinants of health into their everyday practice.


Title slide for The Why, What, and How

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