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The Childhood-Trauma Learning Collaborative (C-TLC)’s mission is to enhance school culture and prepare school personnel to improve the mental health of school-aged children in the New England region. The C-TLC has three goals:

1. Foster alliances to address the needs of children and youth who have experienced or are at risk of experiencing significant trauma.

2. Provide publicly available, free training, and technical assistance to elementary and secondary teachers, principals, school psychologists, and other school staff.

3. Accelerate adoption and implementation of mental health evidence-based practices.

Through the C-TLC, public and private Pre-K-12 schools in New England gain access to evidence-based mental health resources to enhance their awareness of childhood trauma and related neurobiological implications. These training and technical assistance supports focus on the benefits of mindfulness practices for youth, as well as ways to strengthen, value, and increase social emotional competence, accelerate learning, and develop a sense of well-being for students, teachers, and the wider school community.

Since program inception, the C-TLC has provided technical assistance and support to 101 districts/schools in New England; this includes the districts/schools of the 24 Fellows, who serve as local program ambassadors, their home schools, and schools that independently join the C-TLC.

C-TLC Fellowship Program Learn more about the fellowship and meet the C-TLC Fellows.

Featured Products and Services C-TLC resources include webinars, book study opportunities, and curated articles and learning resources, as well as a members-only community of practice where members connect virtually across organizations, districts, and states to share knowledge and experience.

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Join the C-TLC Educators, school staff, and district leaders in the New England area are invited to contact Ingrid Padgett ([email protected]; 800-994-6441) for more information on the Childhood-Trauma Learning Collaborative and opportunities to bring the S-CCATE Assessment tools to their school communities.

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