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Let's Talk About Resilience: Supporting the Mental Health of Latinx Youth and Young Adults
August 27, 2020

Nearly one in four youth and young adults (YYA) in the United States identify as Latinx or Hispanic. While diverse in terms of personal circumstances, heritage, language, culture, strengths, and needs, many Latinx YYA share challenges related to poverty, discrimination, and cultural identity. They are at heightened risk of depression and suicidality, and their mental health needs are often unaddressed and untreated. As Latinx people are disproportionately impacted by COVID-19 and its far-reaching effects on their families and communities, it is more important than ever for organizations and practitioners to increase their capacity to support Latinx YYA in coping with the many challenges they face.

The New England Mental Health Technology Transfer Center held an interactive conversation with Juan Velez Court, Kristine Irizarry, Andrea Mendiola, and practitioners from New England and beyond.