EPLC: Psychosis Informed Care in Community Outpatient Settings: Working with Families

This webinar provided tips for working with families of individuals with psychosis in outpatient community settings. Questions that were addressed include:


  • How can I develop a good working relationship with families in order to support care even though I don’t have a lot of experience working with families and I have a large caseload?
  • How can I manage confidentiality?
  • How can I help families develop a better understanding of their relative and their symptoms and treatment?
  • What are some important considerations for providing culturally responsive care when working with families?
  • What can I learn to feel more equipped to support families entering care in the context of a recent onset of psychotic symptoms?


Presenter: Julie M. McCarthy, PhD, is a clinician-scientist in the Division of Psychotic Disorders at McLean Hospital in Belmont, Massachusetts. Her research aims to identify neurobiological and psychosocial treatment targets and develop/evaluate treatments for individuals and families experiencing co-occurring psychotic and substance use disorders.

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