Liberty, Humiliation, and Identity: Race and the Suffering of America

Webinar title on chalk board

While racism and classism are not exclusive to the United States, the American paradigm is unique due to its history of slavery, conquest, and immigration.  Each new wave of immigrants to America has experienced systematic inequality in a system based on ethnic and racial oppression. The pressure of conforming and confronting this system produces stress and mental anguish, which primarily afflicts minority communities. 

In the recorded presentation Liberty, Humiliation, and Identity: Race and the Suffering of America, Albert Thompson will cover how to engage in a dialogue about physical and mental health that encompasses societal morbidity. We will examine how particular events in our history demonstrate the consequences of racial views and our need to listen and engage. Behavioral health providers must consider race and the impact it has on leadership. Change leaders need to be politically and socially knowledgeable, listen, and understand a broader perspective of historical foreign and domestic policy related to race, ethnicity, and culture. To gain the agility necessary to navigate within an ever-growing diverse population in need of mental health and addiction services in our country, we must consider elevating skills that transcend culture and human-made racial boundaries.

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