Managing the Impact of COVID-19 in Children, Families and Communities through Prevention Strategies

Co-hosted by: Southeast Prevention Technology Transfer Center (PTTC) 


The world climate of uncertainty, fear and worry enveloping the COVID pandemic has created new challenges for many people.  Prevention professionals are concerned about the rise in negative mental health outcomes and projected increases in suicide risk, domestic violence, and substance use.  While that risk appears to be escalating, COVID19 has made prevention both more relatable and more relevant.  This webinar took a look at some of the challenges caused by the uncertainty of COVID19, including chronic stress, emotional distress, and loss through the lens of prevention.  It provided strategies and solutions for health promotion, with practical tips that translate theory into workable practice.  It also provided guidelines for implementing prevention strategies and educating clients on prevention.  A workbook via a downloadable PDF accompanied the training to reinforce the concepts provided in the webinar and for use as an ongoing resource.



Webinar Presentation Slides

Webinar Workbook


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