Racial Equity Resource Packet


The Region 7 Mid-America Technology Transfer Centers (TTCs) recognize that Black communities in our country are hurting as the result of violence, bigotry and racism. Racism and discrimination are associated with dire behavioral and physical health issues, including depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and substance use disorders. We know that disparities in equitable access to services and resources perpetuate these issues. Across the Mid-America region, we commit to collectively increasing our efforts to develop a collaborative plan with our community partners to be part of a solution to promote equity, safety and health for our communities. As a start to our efforts to promote behavioral health equity for all, we have compiled some resources that may support you in your work. Download the document here.


Author(s): Robinson, L./Mid-America MHTTC; Stilen, P./Mid-America ATTC; Closson, D./Mid-America PTTC


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