Recruitment and Retention of School Mental Health Providers Part 2: Innovative Strategies

The COVID-19 “Patchwork Pandemic” and Mental Health

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This webinar explored the innovative approaches and experiences of leading provider organizations and their partners as they work to recruit and retain school mental health providers.  Ms. Nikki Raymond (CEO, Georgia HOPE) discussed the diverse array of strategies her organization has employed and their impact, and Dr. Mark Sander (Director of School Mental Health, Hennepin County School System) discussed his experience coordinating 18 mental health agencies’ efforts as they develop and support the school mental health workforce.


Learning Objectives:

  • Describe creative approaches to recruit school mental health providers
  • Examine successful strategies for retaining school mental health providers, as applied by experienced school mental health provider organizations
  • Identify funding and strategic opportunities to sustain the school mental health workforce during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond
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