Think Trauma Curriculum Overview Session

The Think Trauma curriculum helps mental health and well-being providers who work with justice-involved youth in a variety of contexts. This learning session was a brief overview of the Think Trauma curriculum and a Q&A opportunity about stressors for this population and their association with trauma. The 4-day training dates and registration links are coming soon.

This training was designed to be implemented in any residential/correctional facility or justice-based organization for juveniles (i.e., probation, diversion programs etc.) that aims to develop a trauma-informed workforce.

Goals of the training:

  • Educate juvenile justice professionals about the impact of trauma on the development and behavior of youth in the juvenile justice system.
  • Provide juvenile justice professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to: respond appropriately to the behavioral and emotional challenges of traumatized youth; help traumatized youth develop the ability to recognize trauma or loss reminders; help traumatized youth recognize and develop their strength; help traumatized youth recognize survival coping strategies and develop positive coping strategies needed to grow into healthy productive, and functional adults and to take care of themselves and seek support from others; learn strategies for supporting youth reintegration into the community.
  • Understand the role of intergenerational, historical, and system-induced trauma on youth behavior.
  • Develop strategies for adjusting agency practices and procedures to more effectively address the impact of trauma on youth, their families, and staff.
  • Review the role of youth cultural experiences for building resilience among traumatized youth.

Watch a recording of this 2/2/23 session.

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