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September GSVLI: Are You The Therapist A Grieving Client Wants?
Collaborating TTC: MHTTC Network Coordinating Office
October 1, 2020

Jill Johnson-Young, LCSW, provides clinical guidance and evidenced-based practices for supporting grieving clients. The grieving process is a complex and personal experience that can become even more challenging to navigate when combined with the concerns of COVID-19. In this presentation, Jill Johnson-Young offers her insight on the individual experience of grief, methods of supporting grieving persons of all ages, and guidance on recognizing and responding to COVID-related grief and trauma in clients. 


Presented By: Jill A. Johnson-Young, LCSW (Central Counseling Services of Riverside & Murrieta, CA)

Recorded on September 11, 2020 for the MHTTC Grief Sensitivity Virtual Learning Institute (GSVLI)


Presentation Resources

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