Collective Citizenship in Action: Peer to Peer Community Building

This webinar discussed the foundations of collective citizenship framework and some ideas for putting collective citizenship into action.


Learning Objectives:

  1. Review history and framework of collective citizenship, including summary of 2019 paper on the topic
  2. Describe how Focus Act Connect Everyday (FACE) and Witnesses to Hunger were organized, and the work they do
  3. Explain how Focus Act Connect Everyday (FACE) and Witnesses to Hunger operationalize the collective citizenship framework
  4. Provide a platform to engage webinar participants in discussion about how collective citizenship might work in their organizations

To access a copy of this presentation, click here.

Presenter (s):

Billy Bromage, Lecturer in Psychiatry; Director of Community Organizing, Yale University & PRCH

Bridgett Williamson, Recovery Wellness Support, Yale University & PRCH

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