Recognizing Anxiety in Youth


The Great Lakes MHTTC School-based Supplement hosted this webinar focused on helping educators and families recognize signs of anxiety in youth. As we continue to wade through these changing and challenging times, our students are also facing the uncertainty of what the upcoming school year brings. Now, more than ever it is important that we are attuned to our students' mental health needs. Topics covered include:

  • How ongoing stress can cause health problems
  • Brain development and the impact of stress in teens
  • Common anxiety disorders in youth, including signs and symptoms
  • Self-help strategies for depression and anxiety
  • How to encourage professional help


Angela BegresAngela Begres, LMSW
Partners for Healthy Lives

Angela is a licensed clinical social worker who obtained her MSW at the University of Chicago. She is an experienced trainer and presenter contracted both independently and through various nonprofits in the Chicago area, Michigan, and others, with experience integrating mental health education programs into the curriculum for students and staff within the Chicago and West Cook County public schools. In partnership with the National Alliance for Mental Health (NAMI) Metro Suburban, Angela also developed a program to help decrease student stress and implement mindfulness in the classrooms. She has also worked with Chicago Family Services (DCFS) providing parenting education, with efforts to help parents reunite with their children.


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