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Creating Policies to Support Healthy Schools: Policymaker, Educator, and Student Perspectives
Child Trends recently published a study that found that students, educators, and state-level policymakers across the nation believe that supporting mental health and cultivating strong relationships are fundamental for building healthy schools. Please click here to access the PDF document.


Educational Outcomes coverpage imageEducational outcomes associated with school behavioral health interventions: A Review of the Literature
The National Center for School Mental Health at the University of Maryland School of Medicine conducted a literature review that compiles findings from multiple studies over the last 17 years that show the academic benefits of school behavioral health programs and frameworks. Please click here to access the article.


Leading by Convening coverpage imageLeading by Convening: A Blueprint for Authentic Engagement
This resource was developed by the IDEA partnership to provide guidance to teams about how to change practice through relationships and build support for shared work among education, mental health, youth and family and other stakeholders. Inside you’ll find tools that help improve communication & build collaboration skills, learning activities that support professional growth, steps to help implement change, and more. Please click here to access the PDF document.


SAMHSA site imageNow is the Time Technical Assistance (NITT-TA) Center
Access the NITT-TA Center website for information on the Now is the Time initiative and the Center’s purpose to reduce to reduce gun violence, increase access to mental health services, and provide support for grant programs that link youth with mental health services. Please click here to access the NITT-TA Center website.



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The Mental Health Crisis in Our Schools
The special series: The Mental Health Crisis in Our Schools was published by the National Public Radio (NPR) in August 2016. The articles in the series touch on various mental health topics, including the need for mental health services in schools, hardships students face in obtaining mental health services, and perspectives from educators, parents, and mental health providers are also shared. Please click here to read the special series.


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National Training and TA Center for Child, Youth, and Family Mental Health (NTTAC)
The NTTAC provides training and technical assistance across the nation in support of a system of care approach to improve behavioral health among children, youth, young adults and their families. Check out the NTTAC website to learn more about NTTAC’s approach and access their children’s behavioral health related resources.