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No one knows better than registered nurse Denesha McGhee-Hill that we have to lean on our connections with others to help us weather difficult experiences. McGhee-Hill started working on a medical surgical floor in February 2020 and, like many nurses at the time, quickly transitioned into treating COVID-19 patients. In addition to learning to bear the typical stressors of patient care, she was on the front lines as the world came to find out just how devastating the COVID-19 virus would be. In this episode of Burnout Busters, join us for a conversation with McGhee-Hill about how relationships — be it with a partner, family member, colleague, or mentor — provide support during difficult times in our personal and professional lives and help us maintain perspective on life.


Denesha McGhee-Hill HeadshotDenesha McGhee-Hill is a registered nurse on a medical surgical floor at Nebraska Medicine. Since early 2020, she has treated countless COVID-19 patients by day (and sometimes night) and then come home to resume her other life roles as mother, spouse, and role model. Prior to her work as a front-line nurse amid a pandemic, Denesha spent four years as a clinical licensed practical nurse (LPN), splitting her time between two Nebraska Medicine clinical sites. Her main base site at this time was the Girls Inc. Health Center. During her time here, she was the pioneer and point person for the Allied Health Professionals (AHP) program, which provided free STI testing to individuals ages 14-24. She performed these tests and educated clients on making safe and conscious decisions pertaining to consensual sexual activities. Denesha is a fierce advocate for her patients, other nurses, and herself, making her the perfect person to sit down with us and discuss techniques for managing individual well-being under strenuous circumstances. In particular, we'll hear how she leaned on personal connections and her community through these times.


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