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When self-care isn't enough: Why we need organizations to tackle well-being (Burnout Busters | The Podcast)
April 17, 2021

Sometimes, our best efforts to cultivate individual well-being just won't cut it. Instead, workplace culture needs a do-over. Clayton Cook, PhD, of the University of Minnesota helps organizations do just that. This week, our Burnout Busters talk to Dr. Cook — one of the masterminds behind the Adult Resilience Curriculum (ARC) — about what it takes to build healthier work environments. When organizations adopt a culture of well-being, he explains, employees can expend their energy working rather than tolerating their work conditions. This episode is a must-listen for both health care leadership and everyday professionals. Administrators with the capacity to implement change will learn the concrete benefits of investing in organizational well-being, and employees will learn why it’s important to advocate for change.


Clayton Cook, PhDDr. Clayton Cook is the John and Nancy Peyton Endowed Chair in Child and Adolescent Wellbeing and a professor of educational psychology at the University of Minnesota. He has extensive research and practical experiences involving the implementation of equity-centered multi-tiered systems of support to promote children’s social, emotional, and behavioral well-being and development. He is the associate director of innovation and research for the Center for Applied Research and Educational Improvement at the University of Minnesota. He has received over $17 million in external grant funding from multiple agencies and foundations to conduct research on the implementation of high-quality programs and practices that promote student social, emotional, and behavioral enablers to school and life success. He also consults with school systems across the U.S. and globe to increase children’s access to the services they need.


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