C-TLC | Session Three: What will schools be like next year? Visioning for the Future of Education

During this webinar, the authors of Visioning Onward provided inspiration, insights, exercises, and Q&A to prepare you to vision with your schools and districts. In this time of COVID-19, visioning is a critical part of planning for our future. We learned about visioning by examining the work of Starbucks, Amazon, and other corporate giants. Participants received a study guide to take our virtual approach back to your schools and districts to conduct your own visioning sessions. They guided you through our 8-step iterative visioning approach, explaining the importance of visioning for success in business and in education, and helping you plan for visioning with your staff and local communities. We did this with an eye towards the neurobiology of trauma and ways to foster self-care and the well-being of staff and students that are signature components of CEI’s Heart Centered Learning® approach to social emotional learning and mindfulness.

To download a copy of this presentation, click here.

Presenter (s): Chris Mason, Ph.D., Paul Liabenow, & Melissa Patschke, Ed.D.

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