Encouraging Change Podcast: Using Motivational Interviewing in Peer Support

Encouraging Change Podcast

The Encouraging Change podcast is hosted by Kris Kelly, BS and Laura Saunders, MSSW. This series addresses topics related to using motivational interviewing in peer recovery support. Laura is a Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT) member and a MI trainer, and Kris is a program manager for the Peer Recovery Center of Excellence and an expert in peer recovery support services.

All the episodes in this newly released series are available on the Great Lakes Wave Anchor channel, along with tons of other great content. You can listen to all of our podcasts directly on Anchor, or you can listen to them using Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and many other podcast platforms! 


Episode 1 - Introducing the podcast and an overview of the application of MI skills in peer recovery support services.

Episode 2 - Using MI Skills to Initiate and Develop Relationships

Episode 3 - Providing Support: What Does It Mean?

Episode 4 - Skillfully Sharing Lived Experiences of Recovery

Episode 5 - Personalizing Peer Support: The Uniqueness of the Recovery Process

Episode 6 - Recovery Planning: Are We There Yet?

Episode 7 - Effective and Person-Centered Ways to Connect People With Resources, Services, and Their Communities 

Episode 8 - Growth Through Discovery and Co-Learning

Episode 9 - Peer Recovery Support Providers Coming Alongside Recoveries In Crisis

Episode 10 - Valuing Communication Through Active Listening 

Episode 11 - Developing Effective Relationships, Partnerships, and Family Systems

Episode 12 - Promoting Leadership and Advocacy

Episode 13 - Becoming More Reflective and Competent in Your Practice

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