New Employees in Mental Health Services: A Training Series

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This training series is developed in a partnership with Iowa Regional Mental Health Directors, Thresholds, Inc. and the Mid-America Mental Health Technology Transfer Center, to prepare the workforce to set a foundation to work with clients with serious mental illnesses. In particular, this 7-part series provides evidence-based content on Trauma Informed Care, Cultural Competency, Motivational Interviewing, De-Escalation, Self-Care, Shared Decision Making, and Recovery Oriented Care. Each training provides the learner with a foundation for effective practice and establishes a starting point for further learning.


Modules include: 


Trauma Informed Service Delivery (EBP)

Cultural Humility and Competence (EBP)

Motivational Interviewing (EBP)

Crisis Prevention & De-escalation


Shared Decision Making

Recovery Oriented Care


All modules are available on HealtheKnowledge. Learn more about HealtheKnowledge & sign up for modules here: HealtheKnowledge Courses



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