Power Threat Meaning Framework (PTMF): An approach to understanding mental distress

The Power Threat Meaning Framework (PTMF) is an alternative, non-diagnostic conceptualization of distress created by providers and service users, published by the British Psychological Society and attracting international attention. Participants learned the basics of the framework and had an opportunity to discuss how it might be useful to the family workforce, especially in the areas of meaning-making, empowerment and choice. Attendees also gained knowledge of where to access further information about the use of PTMF to enhance family workforce knowledge and tools.


Presenter: Dr. Lucy Johnstone is a consultant clinical psychologist, author of ‘Users and abusers of psychiatry’ (2nd edition Routledge 2000) and co-editor of ‘Formulation in psychology and psychotherapy: making sense of people’s problems’ (Routedge, 2nd edition 2013) and ‘A straight-talking guide to psychiatric diagnosis’ (PCCS Books 2014), along with a number of other chapters and articles taking a critical perspective on mental health theory and practice. 


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