Trauma-Informed Corrections Care: Day One

This 3-part series provided a detailed understanding of trauma and the various types trauma individuals experience. Sessions explored the impact of secondary/vicarous trauma on corrections staff by examining the various ways exposure to traumatic events impacts the individual, the work they do, and the individuals they engage with on a daily basis. This series also explored what is needed to establish a trauma-informed organization, the impact of stigma and bias, and finished with the interplay of two groups of trauma survivors - corrections staff, inmates, and/or parole/probation supervisees - and strategies to mitigate or reduce trauma activation potential among staff and those they supervise for more successful overall outcomes.


Session 1 discussed mass incarceration and a “lay of the land” overview for justice-involved people of color. The subcultures of incarceration, urban and historical trauma and its relation to Trauma-Informed Corrections Care, and the impact on recidivism and recovery for reentering citizens were also discussed.

Presenters: Steven Samra, MPA, C4 Innovations, and Daryl McGraw, MA, C4 Innovations.


View a recording of this session here. 

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