EPLC: Harm Risk in Early Psychosis: Psychotherapy Strategies and Case Discussion


This presentation provided a brief overview of how harm risk (suicidality and self-injury) can present in young people experiencing early psychosis. We reviewed a selection of psychotherapy strategies that can be helpful in targeting these concerns, highlighting functional analysis, distress tolerance skills, and the CAMS (Collaborative Assessment and Management of Suicidality). We discussed these strategies in the context of disguised client examples, and encouraged suggestions and case consultation from the audience.


Presenter: Michelle L. West, PhD, Director, Program for Early Assessment, Care, & Study (PEACS), Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry, University of Colorado – School of Medicine (CUSOM). Dr. West is a clinical psychologist who specializes in assessment, treatment, and research for young people showing possible early risk for psychotic spectrum illnesses. This webinar was presented in collaboration with the Massachusetts Mental Health Center GrandRounds series.


View a recording of this 2/23/24 session here. 

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