EPLC: Narrative Therapy: Poststructural and Culturally Sensitive Interviewing

At the end of this event, participants will be able to:

· Summarize the clinical significance of new information regarding the neurobiology and treatment of mental illness and comorbid chronic medical conditions, and integrate such data into their patient care.

· Assess practice patterns relative to current best practices and modify their practice as appropriate and feasible.

· Apply new developments in treatment methods to patients.

Presenter: M. Mookie C. Manalili is a psychotherapist, professor, and researcher with particular interest in suffering, embodiment, meaning-making, narratives, memory, and ethics. He is a psychotherapist in a private group practice, utilizing narrative therapy, psychoanalytic approaches, mindfulness traditions, and neuroscience psychoeducation.


View a recording of this event here. 


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