Sexual Abuse in Boys and Men: Clinical Considerations

At least 1 in 6 boys is sexually abused by the time of their 18th birthday and this number and proportion increase with 1 in 4 men experiencing sexual abuse or assault at some point across their lifespan. The health effects of sexual trauma are often significant and long-lasting. For example, sexual trauma is related to an increase in psychiatric disorders, including posttraumatic stress disorder, substance abuse and dependence, depression, anxiety, and suicidal behavior. The majority of the research on sexual abuse, including the development and testing of psychosocial interventions, focuses on women. While that work is incredibly important and essential, men and boys who experienced sexual abuse are largely overlooked, stigmatized or shamed by the public, and sometimes even by health care professionals. This presentation will address myths related to sexual abuse and assault in boys and men, address barriers to their receipt of mental health services, and provide ways that mental health providers can support male survivors in their healing journey.


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