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As part of our series focused on “Addressing Stress-Related Mental Health Consequences of the Pandemic in Health Care Workers”, this workshop introduced healthcare workers to Mindfulness and Acceptance Practices, which have a growing evidence base for helping people to live richer, fuller, and more meaningful and productive lives. These practices help people to identify their personal values and to overcome obstacles that can get in the way of acting in ways that are consistent with those values. This workshop provided an introduction to these practices and involved taking part in brief activities and exercises within the workshop aimed at starting to apply these practices in their own lives. We also shared information about free and low-cost resources for learning more!


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Speaker bio:

Dr. Friedman-Yakoobian has almost 20 years of experience treating teens, young adults and families and practices from an acceptance and commitment therapy and self-compassion perspective. Dr. Friedman-Yakoobian is the director of a clinic for youth at risk for psychosis and has conducted research on the development of effective treatments for youth and families. She is an Assistant Professor in Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and has supervised dozens of clinicians in training at the Massachusetts Mental Health Center Public Psychiatry Division of the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. Dr. Friedman-Yakoobian earned her undergraduate degree in Human Development and Family Studies at Cornell University and her doctorate in Clinical Psychology at the University of Massachusetts Boston.