Diversity Talk: Using Data for Equity

June 14, 2022

Using data to drive decision-making is critical to ensuring that behavioral health services improve the lives of all people, no matter their race, background, or circumstance. During the Using Data for Equity webinar on Thursday, May 26 our partners at Third Sector shared a five-step process of using data to operationalize equity. This Diversity Talk pairs with that webinar and will include three elements: 1) responses to questions from the webinar, 2) deeper dives into each of the five steps, including how to address challenges and mitigate risks, and 3) facilitated discussion and peer learning on using data for equity. Check out the video archive from our May 26 webinar and make plans to extend your learning at this related Diversity Talk.


To view the recording, please go to: https://youtu.be/nyUQx_58glU


Slides coming soon!

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