Yoga to Relax and Restore

women holding yoga pose


Each Friday between March 20-May 8, we hosted a hour of gentle, relaxing yoga to reduce stress and increase happiness. To access all recorded Yoga sessions, click below. 


Session Schedule

3/20    Session I: Rooted in Self-Love

This session focuses on getting back to our roots and finding a source of love from within.

3/27    Session II: Sacred Pleasure

This session focuses on finding moments of pleasure in the present moment.

4/3      Session III: Solar Strength

This session focuses on building power in the core while developing inner strength.

4/10    Session IV: Heart-Powered

            This session focuses on projecting the love we’ve cultivated for ourselves onto others to strengthen our compassion.

4/17    Session V: Speaking Truth

            This session focuses on spreading love and truth intentionally by cultivating the courage to find our voice.

4/24    Session VI: Seeing Clearly

            This session focuses on freeing the mind to better connect with others.

5/1      Session VII: Letting Go

            This session focuses on surrendering to allow more room for love, connection, and kindness in our lives.

5/8      Session VIII: Building Community

            This session brings together all of the tools from the past seven weeks and combines them to give us all a stronger sense of belonging in this and other communities.


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